Spam. Again.. -- and blocking net blocks?

K. Scott Bethke kbethke at
Tue Dec 10 22:56:15 UTC 2002

Ok on a serious note can we not try to solve the spam problem here?  its a
never ending loop (tech problem or social problem who cares.. its a problem
and we all know it, be a good operator and kill anyone who wants to spam on
your network).

 On a not-so-serious note maybe if we just assigned spammers ip
space the problem would take care of itself.


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> The only solution for eliminating spam is a radical change in social
> behavior of those whom are causing, allowing and facilitating it. All
> reasonable attempts to do so have failed, mainly due to commercial
> interests. Thus only a primitive and for some painful interference
> helps.  Though few want to admit it, as long as all the backbones -
> unanimously - are not seriously addressing this problem, and factually
> accept the financial consequences of cut off's, and forcefully propagate
> those policies to whomever is connected to them, only the hard way
> I advocate that spews and others are tough, but apparently necessary
> The more spam, the harder the action-pack to combat it.
> The problem is not necessarily only Korea, Nigeria, Costa Rica, etc. We,
> the US are a significant source of this activity ourselves, probably the
> biggest.  Painfully enough we lack the initiative to set a standard for
> rest for the World.
> best,
> Bert
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