Spam. Again.. -- and blocking net blocks?

Stephen Sprunk ssprunk at
Tue Dec 10 22:30:15 UTC 2002

Barry Shein wrote:
> The only solution to spam is to start charging for email (perhaps with
> reasonable included minimums if that calms you down for some large set
> of "you") and thus create an economic incentive for all parties
> involved.
> Face it folks, the party is over, the free-for-all was a nice idea but
> it simply did not work. See "The Tragedy of the Commons".

Sure, because charging for postal mail has certainly stopped the deplorable
practice of junk mailing.</sarcasm>

As long as spamming is legal, people will do it, period.  You cannot solve
administrative problems with technical solutions.  The key is for ISPs to
form a political lobby (with the same power as the DMA) and push for
reasonable laws to protect consumers.  Until then, we're all pissing in the


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