FW: FW: /8s and filtering

Forrest forrest at almighty.c64.org
Tue Dec 10 21:52:33 UTC 2002

> Now, however, that ARIN is discussing proposals such as 2002-5, 2002-6 and 
> 2002-7 (with 2002-5 & 2002-6 most likely being passed within few months)
> ARIN maybe put in position of assigning smaller then /20 blocks and that 
> is why I suggested on ARIN ppml mailing list that current micro-allocation 
> wording about assiging small blocks from specifically designated larger 
> blocks be made a separate policy that would apply to all small allocations &
> asignments being made directly by ARIN. If you think its a good idea to 
> make this a policy, please do send your feedback to ARIN or bring it up 
> on ppml mailing list and then ARIN can work on this futher to make it a 
> policy.

Proposal 2002-7 is exactly what is needed in my opinion.  I wish I'd seen 
it before I posted here earlier, since it basically identifies every 
problem I mentioned.  



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