How would LDAP help?

Harsha Narayan hnarayan at
Tue Dec 10 17:29:09 UTC 2002

  How would LDAP help? LDAP is just a distributed, hierarchical,
object-oriented database. If ISPs only wanted to filter the right /8s,
they could do that using

Unless the worldwide LDAP service would be checked by every router and the
router learns what /8s to filter from the service. But then there would be
security problems here. Actually, something that would send email to all
the ISPs would be more secure (people would double-check before

I don't see anything about the LDAP protocol that would help filtering


 On Tue, 10 Dec 2002, Brent Imhoff wrote:

> > We've already tried the RADB/RPSL/IRRD/whois/rwhois route for years and it
> > has failed. Only a few people have bothered to learn most of these
> > technologies and many network operators don't use any of it in an
> > automated fashion. Just recently there was a lot of discussion about the
> I bothered to learn it and use it in a very automated fashion, thank you
> very much.  It really wasn't that hard and it works quite well.  I'm
> curious to hear why it has taken you years to come up with only failure.
> -brent

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