Operational Issues with

bdragon at gweep.net bdragon at gweep.net
Mon Dec 9 21:10:50 UTC 2002

> Hello Everyone,
> I appreciate all of the discussion regarding this issue.  Nothing has
> changed.  This is getting worse.  We spoke to one network on Friday that
> said they had cleared the problem, yet our users still can't go there.
> For those of you that feel this is not anyone's problem, and that the
> internet should just "work it out";
> I hereby challenge one of you to trade CIDRs with us.  You take this
> ARIN assigned us and you go spend your valuable time,
> resources, and money working out what seems to be "nobody's problem".
> Also, if you would like to come over and answer the support calls and
> explain to our customers why the competitor's networks can reach these
> sites, but ours can't.  Hey - after all, it's just CIDR - it's all the
> same, right?

Ok, you give back the address space to the RIR and get a /19 from your
provider. There, problem solved.

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