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LB> Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 10:04:52 -0500
LB> From: Leo Bicknell

LB> Right.  Suggest a way IANA could reasonably notify all the
LB> users.  I personally don't see one.  So, responsible or not,
LB> they have no good way to notify people.  The registries have
LB> a way to notify people.

Correct.  Then the issue is whether or not people respond.  I
like Jeff Wheeler's post... people who don't update their filters
lose GTLD (and root?) nameserver service.

And, again, while we're at it -- let's let the NSen in question
end in .0 and .255 to help rid the Net of broken "smurf filters".

LB> Point is, end users don't deal with IANA.  They deal with the
LB> registries and for those in North America (this is nanog,
LB> isn't it) ARIN is it.  As the communities desigated
LB> represenative to interface with IANA, I feel it is ARIN's
LB> duty to collect and distribute information from IANA.

Give Rob Thomas official authority, a paycheck, and the necessary
bandwidth. ;-)

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