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--On Monday, December 9, 2002 10:04 -0500 Leo Bicknell <bicknell at ufp.org> 

> Point is, end users don't deal with IANA.  They deal with the
> registries and for those in North America (this is nanog, isn't
> it) ARIN is it.  As the communities desigated represenative to
> interface with IANA, I feel it is ARIN's duty to collect and
> distribute information from IANA.

That is a good point, but you are talking about a periodic notification 
when new blocks are allocated.  Michael is talking about an automated feed 
of all unallocated blocks.  If we were to invert this and say that ARIN 
will provide a list of all blocks that are allocated to it, then that might 
be worth doing.  Then each RIR could provide its own list and we don't run 
into the issues of a registry listing objects that it does not control.

However, I get back to my original question.  For people who insist on 
filtering unallocated address space, is it too much to ask that they either 
subscribe to NANOG, or potentially subscribe to an RIR-specific 
announce-only mailing list for such things?  It seems really silly to me 
for the registries to spew a mailing to their entire contact database just 
to reach a handful of people who actually do route filtering.

It does seem to me that this problem should have a really simple solution.


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