The magic security CD disc Re: HTTP proxies

David Howe DaveHowe at
Mon Dec 9 14:37:09 UTC 2002

at Monday, December 09, 2002 4:29 AM, Steven M. Bellovin
<smb at> was seen to say:
> Right.  The problem (and the point I was making) is that "secure" is
> context-dependent.  In some sense, the easy way to "secure" machines
> is to pull the network jack.  That's a serious DoS attack on yourself.
perhaps a portscanner, coupled to some sort of process scanner (loaded
with the common windows-based services, especially ones that come
bundled) and a simple checkbox list that lists all the services, what
they are (in relatively simple english) and allows the user to turn them
back on (defaulting to off) ?
Just sticking to windows would cover 95% of the potential users (if not
more) and make the disk much simpler to write.

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