Guam - Typhoon 180 MPH winds

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Mon Dec 9 10:45:46 UTC 2002

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Subject: Guam - Typhoon 180 MPH winds

> Guam was struck by Typhoon Pongona with sustanted winds of 150 mph, and
> gusts of 184 mph.  Electricity is out on the entire island.  Most
> telephone service is down, although some calls have been received.  The
> University of Guam, the the ccTLD manager for .GU, is offline.  Backup
> name service for .GU is being provided by NS.RIPE.NET, although I haven't
> found working Internet service to the island.

Sounds nasty.
Around a dozen years ago, just after -another- Typhoon had gone through, someone
from the Guam Cable Co. had posted to that they needed a
new 12 ft. reflector and recommendations for securing it during a Typhoon.  I told
him that since 12 ft. reflectors were relatively inexpensive, just buy two and
bury the box with the second one.  After the next wipeout, dig up the box and put
up one that will last until the next time.  He never replied...<g>


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