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Michael.Dillon at radianz.com Michael.Dillon at radianz.com
Mon Dec 9 09:52:32 UTC 2002

> ARIN explicitly does not guarantee routability of prefixes it assigns. 
> service providers choose to filter ARIN allocations, then that is an 
> operational decision.  I really don't see what action you expect ARIN to 

> take along these lines.

Clearly you haven't been following the ppml mailing list. As I have 
already suggested on that list, ARIN could publish an authoritative 
directory of all unallocated IP address space at the largest aggregate 
level in a form that makes it easy for network operators to incorporate 
into their martian filters.

Fast forward to the time when everyone gets their filters directly or 
indirectly hooked up to the RIR's authoritative directory and this problem 
goes away. Yes, ARIN cannot directly make the problem go away but ARIN 
definitely can take action that will lead to a solution of the problem of 
martian filters.

The only thing ARIN would have to guarantee is that their directory is 
authoritative, complete and updated at least once every 24 hours. The base 
directory could be published in LDAP form with a BGP version for people 
who find it easier to work with this.

And no, I'm not suggested that anyone connect their productions routers 
directly to an ARIN BGP feed. Smaller network operators will probably find 
such a direct BGP feed to be convenient but I expect all the larger 
network operators to use the BGP feed as a way of monitoring for changes 
which would be reviewed by some clueful operator before building the 
filters. That should not be a problem assuming that ARIN issues addresses 
every weekday.

--Michael Dillon

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