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Jeff S Wheeler jsw at five-elements.com
Sat Dec 7 19:16:46 UTC 2002

On Sat, 2002-12-07 at 08:56, Todd A. Blank wrote:
> 4) Listen to feedback from the first few people allocated space
>    and if it still is not properly routed send out another notice
>    to people and possibly delay additional allocations from the
>    block for another month.
I disagree with this part of your suggestion.  Delaying new allocations
will only serve to delay acceptance of new spaces.  If you implement all
the other safeguards you have suggested, the multitude of notices should
ensure that clued, well-informed, responsible networks have ample time
to make adjustments in their networks.  Networks not among those will
most likely not respond until their downstream customers complain, and
the best way to get those complaints started is to get more folks into
those new networks.

I suggest moving all of the GTLD name servers into newly allocated
blocks as they become available.  This will certainly break networks
which are low on operational clue, and force them to get fixed.

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