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Fri Dec 6 21:51:56 UTC 2002

On Fri, 6 Dec 2002, Ralph Doncaster wrote:

> ARIN clients should have the ability to exchange defective "goods".  It
> seems ARIN won't do this.  And posting to NANOG or similar lists doesn't
> seem to fix the problem.  Sooner or later someone's going to decide to let
> the lawyers deal with it.  I don't think ARIN's resources should be wasted
> in the courts.

ARIN can't change (or even detect) who's filtering what.  They likely have
no way of knowing in advance if any IP block is filtered anywhere.  How
many places need to block your IP before you declare the IP bad?  Should
ARIN announce and test connectivity with some standard suite before giving
each allocation?  Should the end-user be given some trial period during
which they can do this?  What happens when ARIN runs out of IPs that don't
appear to be filtered by any recognized network?

This is an unfortunate pitfall that goes along with portable IP space and
BGP.  When I got the company's first ARIN block at a previous employer
(back in the late 90s), we ran into issues with several large/well known
networks ignoring our BGP route.  Some were fixed just by doing the RADB
thing.  Some had to be emailed or phone called before they fixed their

This isn't a new problem, and there's no magic solution ARIN can
execute...at least not that anyone's come up with so far.

...wondering when we'll hear from Dalph on the matter. :)

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