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IMHO - The RIRs are doing their part. They announce to the operations
aliases their intention to allocate a new block before they start doing
it. People like me (with the ingress-prefix-template), Rob Thomas (with
the bogon template), and Steve Gill (with the Junos flavor of the
ingress-prefix-template) start tweaking our templates and post them to
the community.

After that, it would be up to each operations team to execute within
their own network.

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> So for the sake of argument, in your proposal an ISP could filter all
> the blocks that the RIRs allocate out of and hamstring them

    Perhaps not, but an X month period after the inital allocation to
RIR where they don't assign out of that pool might be wise. Perhaps
can be sent to the registered contacts of existing IP space upon initial
allocation, on the first of each month, and then on the last day of the

    I know that I am sometimes a bit too busy to take care of something
that at the very instant I get the e-mail, and that it can fall to the
wayside. Many times a reminder e-mail has come at a moment where I was
do to something about it.


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