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Michael.Dillon at radianz.com Michael.Dillon at radianz.com
Fri Dec 6 17:18:04 UTC 2002

>> My question is as follows - We are losing customers because of this
>> problem.  It is costing us reputation and money.  It is out of our
>> control.  If you were us, what would you do?  We have already asked 
>> to reassign us to a "friendlier" CIDR, and they refuse.

>ARIN don't guarantee routability of the blocks they allocate, and it's 
>difficult to see how they ever could.

If you want to discuss what ARIN could or could not do, then please join 
the ARIN ppml list.

> Perhaps this is an issue of community education, or one of needing 
> better tools or methods for managing martian filters. Those issues are 
> arguably both technical and operational.

The original poster doesn't have a problem with the community. He has a 
problem with network operators who are not part of the community and that 
is a reality of today's Internet that cannot be dealt with by technical 
tools or operational methods.

But there are non-technical and non-operational actions actions that ARIN 
could take to help. The details of those actions and whether or not ARIN 
members want to act are matters for the ppml list.

--Michael Dillon

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