New ASN allocation from IANA to RIPE

Rob Thomas robt at
Wed Dec 4 15:47:22 UTC 2002

Hi, NANOGers.

As of 03 December 2002 IANA has allocated a block of formerly unallocated
ASNs to RIPE.  I have adjusted my monitoring accordingly, and you should
review any ASN filtering or logging you have in place.  The ASN ranges
involved are:

  Was: 28672 - 32767 IANA

  Now: 28672 - 29695 RIPE
       29696 - 32767 IANA

My ASN monitoring can be found at the URLs below.

Comments and feedback are welcome and encouraged.  Be the first (heck,
even second) in your ASN to join the CREDITS section!  :)

Rob Thomas
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