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Todd A. Blank todd at ipoutlet.com
Tue Dec 3 22:14:57 UTC 2002

Some of this is beginning to clear up.  The Cable and Wireless stuff
seems to be working now.

Still, when we source from the CIDR, traffic can't go (http)
to the following destinations:


The first two are on AT&T and AT&T Canada.  The last one is on
allegiance internet.

Any insight would be much appreciated.  We are sure this is affecting
access to other destinations when using as a source - we just
haven't found them all yet...


Todd A. Blank

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If this helps.  Do something like the following...

        telnet route-views.oregon-ix.net > /tmp/file
         term len 0
         sh ip bgp l

        cut -c62-2000 < /tmp/file | awk '{print $1}' | sort -n | uniq -c
| more

...your commands will vary.

You will see plenty of routes within 69/8.

A closer look with show that around 121 routes are seen in the 69/8
range via most of the feeds into Oregon.  There is one big exception...

... it shows up via AS-2548 (Digex) and the other feeds, but it's the
only route within 69/8 that shows up via AS-2548.  This is valuable

It does not mean there is filtering within AS-2548, but I would
recommend you contact them to further this investigation.

BTW:  This is exactly what Oregon is great for!  It shows up issues like
this with ease.  Thanks!


At 01:47 PM 12/2/2002 -0500, Todd A. Blank wrote:

>Thanks for the reply, James.
>I wish I could tell you the answer.  We see traffic passing through
>of the routers (transit), but on each network, or their downstreams
>there seem to be different devices filtering.  Sometimes it is a border
>or peering router.  In other cases, it has been access devices, such as
>One we resolved this morning (with some help from the good folks at
>ARIN) was a downstream provider from one of these transit providers
>was filtering in their devices as well.
>I am just trying to raise general awareness that the block
>assigned and out there in use, and to get people to re-examine their
>filters, access lists, etc.
>You help and response is appreciated.
>Todd A. Blank
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>When you say 'Networks involved' do you mean those providers are
>the traffic, or you see these networks in the transit?
>On Mon, 2 Dec 2002, Todd A. Blank wrote:
>> To all concerned:
>> We have been assigned a CIDR of
>> We have had numerous problems getting traffic through to various
>> We are finding that many routers are still filtering
>> This block used to be restricted, but was assigned by IANA to ARIN in
>August of 2002.
>> If anyone is still filtering this block in their routers, please
>remove the filters!
>> Here are some of the destinations that are not reachable if your
>source is anywhere in the CIDR:
>> www.cplink2.com
>> www.ocas.com
>> www.indofilms.com
>> www.lavalife.com
>> Some of the Networks involved are Cable and Wireless, Allegiance
>Internet and AT&T.
>> Thank you,
>> Todd A. Blank
>> IPOutlet LLC
>> 614.207.5853

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