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may be africa is different, but in other developing countries (central asia,
south america) cybercafes substitute personal PC access.  No one goes to
cybercafes in the us since an average middle class family can afford a
computer and typically has a phone line.  elsewhere, people pool resources
to get a 64 kbps line and a bank of six to eight pcs on a lan.  people use
cybercafes in the same fashion they used pcs here -- i have seen cybercafes
set up in shanty towns.
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> > > The most recent? Lagos, Sep 2002.
> >
> > africa is quite large. lagos constitutes but a small portion of it.
> but I am being told that Lagos is the center of Africa by such
> persons who claim that there are *gasp* thousands *gasp* of cyber-cafe's
> Lagos. I mean since there no thousands cyber-cafe's in the entire US, I am
> sure presence of thousands of them in a rather small city means it is
> center.
> Alex

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