Networking in Africa...

fingers fingers at
Tue Dec 3 15:36:58 UTC 2002

> but I am being told that Lagos is the center of Africa by such knowledgeble
> persons who claim that there are *gasp* thousands *gasp* of cyber-cafe's in
> Lagos. I mean since there no thousands cyber-cafe's in the entire US, I am
> sure presence of thousands of them in a rather small city means it is *the*
> center.

a cybercafe != the centre of a continent! wake up. there are many
cyber-cafe's in south africa too. sometimes as many as 12 in a single
street. but i'd not call south africa the centre of a continent just
because of it. each country is different. each country brings with it it's
own regulatory framework, incumbent telco of varying degrees, etc.

judging any continent on a single country is extremely closed-minded.

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