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Tue Dec 3 02:08:53 UTC 2002

fingers wrote:

>>There seem to be a lot of ISPs who get little slices of IP from
>>satellite carriers like in Denmark.  Much of the 419 spam
>>I get from Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, and other west African
>>countries originates in cybercafes with satellite links.
>i don't know if I've ever actually received 1 of those spam messages from
>a host inside Nigeria

I receive business scams and spams all the time from Nigeria once every 
week. It has turned out into a scam
weekly newsletter now..

But it isn't that bad as much as the amount of spam me and our users 
received from China..

We were being spammed from China so many times from various IP addresses 
(as much as 1,500 spams a week)
that we simply had to block all IP addresses assigned for ChinaNet and 
various parts of APNIC. Afterwards, I bet
we saved at least 1megabit worth of bandwidth avoiding all these Chinese 

Just my experience with this spam annoyance.

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