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Martin J. Levy mahtin at mahtin.com
Mon Dec 2 19:17:02 UTC 2002


If this helps.  Do something like the following...

        telnet route-views.oregon-ix.net > /tmp/file
         term len 0
         sh ip bgp l

        cut -c62-2000 < /tmp/file | awk '{print $1}' | sort -n | uniq -c | more

...your commands will vary.

You will see plenty of routes within 69/8.

A closer look with show that around 121 routes are seen in the 69/8 range via most of the feeds into Oregon.  There is one big exception...

... it shows up via AS-2548 (Digex) and the other feeds, but it's the only route within 69/8 that shows up via AS-2548.  This is valuable information.

It does not mean there is filtering within AS-2548, but I would recommend you contact them to further this investigation.

BTW:  This is exactly what Oregon is great for!  It shows up issues like this with ease.  Thanks!


At 01:47 PM 12/2/2002 -0500, Todd A. Blank wrote:

>Thanks for the reply, James.
>I wish I could tell you the answer.  We see traffic passing through some
>of the routers (transit), but on each network, or their downstreams
>there seem to be different devices filtering.  Sometimes it is a border
>or peering router.  In other cases, it has been access devices, such as
>One we resolved this morning (with some help from the good folks at
>ARIN) was a downstream provider from one of these transit providers that
>was filtering in their devices as well.
>I am just trying to raise general awareness that the block is
>assigned and out there in use, and to get people to re-examine their
>filters, access lists, etc.
>You help and response is appreciated.
>Todd A. Blank
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>When you say 'Networks involved' do you mean those providers are
>the traffic, or you see these networks in the transit?
>On Mon, 2 Dec 2002, Todd A. Blank wrote:
>> To all concerned:
>> We have been assigned a CIDR of
>> We have had numerous problems getting traffic through to various
>> We are finding that many routers are still filtering
>> This block used to be restricted, but was assigned by IANA to ARIN in
>August of 2002.
>> If anyone is still filtering this block in their routers, please
>remove the filters!
>> Here are some of the destinations that are not reachable if your
>source is anywhere in the CIDR:
>> www.cplink2.com
>> www.ocas.com
>> www.indofilms.com
>> www.lavalife.com
>> Some of the Networks involved are Cable and Wireless, Allegiance
>Internet and AT&T.
>> Thank you,
>> Todd A. Blank
>> IPOutlet LLC
>> 614.207.5853

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