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> > Hello,
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> > A friend of mine is working on one of the committees for next years 
> > Supercomputing conference and noticed that, in the past, they'd had
> > participants from most continents but none from Africa.  Does anyone
> > know of a good organization/group/etc which we could spam with our 
> > conference notice and request for participation?
> Would that friend be so kind as to name more than a handful places in Africa
> with IP connectivity (multinational companies do not count).

Most major cities in most countries have at a minimum ip dialup services, 
in major metropolitan centers there are now large numbers of wireless 
isps as well...

A more interesting and germane question is how big is the number of
people/organizations in africa with hpc applications and how do your reach
them, since that is the subset of folks interested in attending super
> Alex

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