Risk of Internet collapse grows

Petri Helenius pete at he.iki.fi
Mon Dec 2 11:56:01 UTC 2002

> I had a look at your map of Ebone Europe through the browse button on your
> website. This displayed a messy meshy network that connected all the major
> cities of Europe. However, in fact, Ebone's network was a nice clean
> ringed network connecting all the major cities of Europe. It's true that
> Ebone's marketing map had some innacuracies but it still more or less
> showed the same network of sub-rings hanging off of a core ring.

Maybe you´re referring to the physical topology. Rocketfuel measured
the IP topology.
> I just don't see how an outside probe can determine the true topology of a
> network.
Maybe not to 100% but definetly more than most ISP´s are handing out.


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