dontaing bgp config files [Re: Risk of Internet collapse grows]

Ratul Mahajan ratul at
Mon Dec 2 07:03:22 UTC 2002

since we are on the subject of availability of good data, i'd like to ask
the list what i have been contemplating for some time now.

understanding of routing (especially inter-domain) in the research
community is really primitive. this precludes us from having realistic
routing models. we recently started working on understanding prevalent
inter-domain routing policies. the ultimate goal is to improve the
efficiency, robustness and expressiveness of routing protocols.

if you run a network that has choices to make (more than one BGP speaking
neighbor), you can help us by donating your bgp config files.  abstracted
or anonymized versions are ok.

further down the road, we'll need your help to better understand our
findings. if you are willing to answer our (possibly naive) questions,
please respond off-list; i am compiling a list of folks whom i can pester 
for answers.

	-- ratul

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