@Home ordered to shutdown at Midnight

James Smith jsmith at PRESIDIO.com
Fri Nov 30 22:05:54 UTC 2001

Interesting to note that even though the govt is all for getting everyone on
the "Information Superhigway", no mention is made of any government
sponsored plan to prevent the service from going dark.

If this were a provider of POTS, and it was dialtone being turned off, would
there would be some scrambling by the govt to prevent it?

So to make this somewhat on-topic, what will the advance of VOIP do to SLA
requirements? Would this be allowed to happen if customers were using an IP
provider for access into their VOIP gateway? IP phone at home, VOIP gateway
and "Normal" trunks at the exchange point kind of thing.

James H. Smith II  NNCDS NNCSE
Systems Engineer
The Presidio Corporation

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