a question about the economics of peering

Alex Rubenstein alex at nac.net
Fri Nov 30 20:36:47 UTC 2001

> but what if the *unnamed-ethernet-extension-company* wasn't providing
> access to public exchange points, but was rather enabling uncongested
> private peering over its network?  That way latency and hop count are
> both mimimised.

But, *unnamed-ethernet-extension-company*, to me, only marketed access to
other exchange points.

Also, what does hop count have to do with latency and loss? Especially,
when *unnamed-ethernet-extension-company* is using MPLS/IP (presumably) to
do this?

> BTW, public IXen in Europe don't tend to be congested.  Whether this is
> the result of better management, or of lower traffic volumes, than IXen
> in the US I'm not sure...

Probably better management, is my guess.

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