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Philip Smith pfs at cisco.com
Wed Nov 28 07:27:45 UTC 2001

At 17:48 27/11/2001 -0500, Steven M. Bellovin wrote:
>In message < at localhost>, Philip Smith 
> >
> >My theory is that DISO-UNRRA were originally allocated through
> > in the classful world - these are all in the ARIN DB under
> >various military guises. When CIDR came along, it seems that someone must
> >have decided that because was now available and part of a
> >bigger block, it could be added to the announcement, etc...?
> >
> >There are a total of four like this:
> >
> >Network            Origin AS  Description
> >           568     DISO-UNRRA
> >         10455     Lucent Technologies
> >           568     DISO-UNRRA
> >           568     DISO-UNRRA
>Umm -- how does Lucent fit into that?  Last I checked, it wasn't part
>of DoD.

Where did I say that Lucent was part of DoD? ;-) I said there were a total 
of four announcements where the first /16 was announced as part of a larger 
CIDR block, but not listed as being allocated to anyone...

It seems to me that in these 4 cases the organisations concerned simply 
decided that CIDRisation meant that the first /16 was theirs...


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