Followup British Telecom outage reason

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Sun Nov 25 03:20:12 UTC 2001

you are right.  But in an era of focusing on the box, vendors are
forgetting that solid software and knowledgable support are just as

Possibly slow down a bit on rolling all those new features and widgets 
into the software.... Make the software do what it should, reliably.. then
put the new stuff in there.

ie.. bug scrub a train, per chassis.  Make it solid.. then put the toyz

These days you don't see boxes hitting the 1 year mark that often..  It is
usually interupted somewhere in the 20 week range with something beautiful

SBN uptime is 2 weeks, 4 days, 6 hours, 12 minutes
System returned to ROM by processor memory parity error at PC 0x607356A0,
address 0x0 at 21:02:01 UTC Tue Nov 6 2001


BMG uptime is 34 weeks, 3 hours, 44 minutes
System returned to ROM by error - a Software forced crash, PC 0x6047F3E8
at 18:28:17 est Sat Mar 31 2001


LVX uptime is 24 weeks, 1 day, 20 hours, 21 minutes
System returned to ROM by abort at PC 0x60527DD4 at 00:38:36 EST Fri Jun 8

At least its not 0xDEADBEEF..     yet.

> On Sat, Nov 24, 2001 at 02:16:38PM -0500, Sean Donelan wrote:
> > On Sat, 24 Nov 2001, Neil J. McRae wrote:

> 	No vendor claims to have perfect software.  Nor will you find
> anyone but the irresponsible vendor to suggest that any specific
> image is "perfect".
> 	I'm sure that BT and Cisco have had some conversations about
> what can be done to improve the testing that Cisco does to better
> simulate their network at this time from such a public outage.
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