Followup British Telecom outage reason

Neil J. McRae neil at DOMINO.ORG
Sat Nov 24 11:05:20 UTC 2001

> BT is telling ISPs the reason for the multi-hour outage was
> a software bug in the interface cards used in BT's core network.
> BT installed a new version of the software.  When that didn't fix
> the problem, they fell back to a previous version of the software.
> BT didn't identify the vendor, but BT is identified as a "Cisco Powered
> Network(tm)."  Non-BT folks believe the problem was with GSR interface
> cards.  I can't independently confirm it.

I'd be surprised if it was the GSR, and in anycase that doesn't
absolve anyone. If it was a software issue- why wasn't the software
properly tested? Why was such a critical upgrade rolled out across
the entire network at the same time? It doesn't add up.


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