Qwest reporting widespread DSL outages

Thu Nov 22 19:05:05 UTC 2001

Happy Thanksgiving...

According to a support person at Qwest's DSL Technical Support
number (800-247-7285), Qwest is experiencing widespread intermittent 
loss of connectivity for DSL customers (symptomology is a customer's
Cisco 675 or 678 will report loss of WAN physical layer, link will 
then come back up after a brief period of time, problem repeats). 
This is occurring even for customers running CBOS 2.4.3 (Qwest's 
currently recommended CBOS revision, per 
http://www.qwest.com/dsl/customerservice/csco675ups.html ).

This has been going on (according to the Qwest technical support 
person) for multiple hours, and Qwest has no further information. 
Qwest suggests DSL customers contact their ISP for further information
(although it is clear that this is not an ISP-level issue at time time). 

No Qwest web page or other information about the outage is available
according to the Qwest support person. 


Joe St Sauver (joe at oregon.uoregon.edu)
University of Oregon Computing Center

Disclaimer: the preceding is not, of course, an official Qwest 
announcement and your milage may vary. 

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