BT monopoly causes widespread network failure

Rodney Thayer rodney at
Thu Nov 22 00:36:10 UTC 2001

At 06:19 PM 11/21/2001 -0500, Sean Donelan wrote:
>Yes.  But I'm more interested in how a provider manages to wipe
>out their entire national network.  That takes talent.
>I'm sure BT has some clever network engineers, and they could have
>done it to themselves.  On the other hand, BT uses the exact same
>equipment as US providers and other providers around the world.
>Is there some latent defect in the vendor gear we all use?

Or arrogance.  There seem to be a lot of allegedly clueful service
providers out there that have single points of failure, lack of
genetic diversity, insufficient resources assigned to allegedly
mission-critical facilities, etc.etc.

Notice for example there doesn't seem to be anyone from BT
speaking here...  I assume, given the usual suspects that
graciously ignore the NA in NANOG, that nothing relevant has
been posted on UK/European lists...

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