Slightly OT: Anyone know of a concise port list

Fred True ft at
Wed Nov 21 21:27:36 UTC 2001

> Anyone know of a concise port/port range list for profiling various client
> code out their (no /etc/services isn't the end all).  Looking for ranges for
> Napster, Audio Galaxy, BearShare, etc, besides the WKP's.

We've been tracking this dynamically for a while in order to make sense of
flow data traces - using a plethora of reliable (as well as dubious!)
sources - including running some of the more popular p2p apps to see what
ports they choose.  Of course, there are many problems with using tcp/udp
ports to identify apps - some apps use randomly assigned ports (sometimes
after negotiating the connection on a well known port; like most streaming
video protocols); some apps allow users to override ports, which many
users do in order to circumvent firewalls; and there is much duplication
across ports.

But, try the attached lists (one by port, one by app, and one shows a
grouping we use for "common application classes" e.g. "mail" or "peer to
peer" etc.).  I'd greatly appreciate fixes or updates. [NOTE: attachments
not sent to nanog-post - if you want them, email me privately.]

Of course if you really want to accurately account for traffic by
application, there is no substitute for passive sniffing of full headers
(not scaleable, and certainly can raise privacy issues).


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