win95 and IEAK6.0

Dave Stewart dbs at
Wed Nov 21 20:10:56 UTC 2001

At 02:42 PM 11/21/2001, Bill Larson wrote:

>It appears that without telling anyone Microsoft decided the Internet
>Explorer Admin Kit version 6.0 which generates a custom IE web browser for
>ISP's would no longer support Windows 95. I do not know about the rest of
>you however, I have many Windows 95 users still signing on to my service. I
>think it is time to let Microsoft know our displeasure about this clear
>abuse of their monopoly position. Once someone else confirms this behavior,
>I intend to raise a stink with the national news media, the federal
>government and the nine states that are still suing Microsoft.

You're not suggesting that Microsoft (or anyone, for that matter) not be 
allowed to decide on their own when (or if) to stop supporting legacy products? shows 
quite clearly the operating systems that IE6 requires.

Abuse of their monopoly position?  I disagree - it appears they made a 
decision to no longer develop for Windows 95.  What's wrong with 
that?  They also don't develop for Windows 3.1.  In a couple of years, 
they'll stop developing for Windows 98, and you'll need ME,  NT, 2000 or XP 
(though it may be a little longer, since there's likely more 
"compatibility" between the later products and 98).

That's life - time marches on, obsoleting older products.

>Bill Larson
>Network Administrator
>Compu-Net Enterprises

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