win95 and IEAK6.0

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Wed Nov 21 20:00:01 UTC 2001

  It may be instructive to look at the windows update website
(, and note the fine print towards the left of
the page. Check out the Win95 Legacy page it references. 

P.S., you have to be running Win95 to find it. The browser lets the site
know what platform you are running on, and "customizes" what you can see.
For instance, I cannot find that page browsing from IE6/NT4.

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The problem is that IE6 does not support Win95.  You need a minimum of
Win98 to install IE6...

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On Wed, 21 Nov 2001, Bill Larson wrote:

> It appears that without telling anyone Microsoft decided the Internet
> Explorer Admin Kit version 6.0 which generates a custom IE web browser for
> ISP's would no longer support Windows 95. I do not know about the rest of
> you however, I have many Windows 95 users still signing on to my service.
> think it is time to let Microsoft know our displeasure about this clear
> abuse of their monopoly position. Once someone else confirms this
> I intend to raise a stink with the national news media, the federal
> government and the nine states that are still suing Microsoft.
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