how many roots must DNS have...

bmanning at bmanning at
Tue Nov 20 01:36:42 UTC 2001

> But it's OK. Really. There's only one root. Honest. Except for this one, 
> which is being run with all the usual I* blessings:
> Simon

	Hum... this project, while it meets the technical criteria
	that describes an alternate root structure, differs in  several
	aspects from the others in this space. 

	) It does not add any new code points, i.e. its the root zone
	  that you would find in the production system.
	) It is -NOT- a production system.  It can/has/does go away on
	  a regular basis for service and configuration changes.
	) It is -ONLY- for the testing of IETF standards track protocols,
	  like DNSSEC, IPv6,
	) It does not have any I* blessing or approval.  The various I*
	  bodies have been made aware of this projects existance.
	) To use this projects services, you must publish a testplan
	  with specific goals and timeframes before authorization is
	this is not an exuastive list of the differences or of the criteria
	for using this engineering evnironment.
	So your insinuations that this is an approved alternate structure
	are disingenious at best.  Please get your facts straight first.


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