how many roots must DNS have before it's considered broken (Re: ISP network design of non-authoritative caches)

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Mon Nov 19 16:23:11 UTC 2001

On Mon, Nov 19, 2001, measl at wrote:

> I agree with all of this, but the issue is moot in my book: Since ICANN
> felt the need to either own the world or break it, I went elsewhere.  So
> did a LOT of others.  Look at the mass exodus from NS/Verisign - same
> issues.  IMNSHO, ICANN cares not a rats [email protected]@ about the internet, they are
> only interested in the money and the power.  That makes their
> "positions" totally meaningless to me, and a lot of others who feel the
> same way.

You know, I'm sick of hearing that some particular part of the
internet "governance" (be it ICANN, ARIN, AuDA, APNIC..) is
corrupt, doesn't give a rats ass about the internet, cares about
money, power ..

Hey. If you were in their position,

* what would you have had to do to get there,
* what would you have to do to stay there, and
* what would you do to make it work reasonably well?

Helllllooo! Money is involved. Of course in a capitalist setup you're
going to feel this way. The wealth isn't "evenly spread enough".
Just like any other mega-monopolostic-guaranteed-income organisation.

(Personally, I wish to all hell that part of the DNS registration fees
 still went to "research funds" like they were _supposed_ to way back

Do you want to change it?

* write/adapt an existing directory technology to replace the really
  stupid flat namespace DNS has become
* write a plugin for IE
* write modules for the other popular browsers (w3m, links, lynx,
  netscape/mozilla, perhaps even Opera if you can figure it out..)
* don't turn it into a bloody private thing - open source the software,
  write the protocol documentation, encourage other people to work
  on collectively making it better.
* Come back to the internet community with it. :)

The guys, even though I (a) don't wish to bring them up
in polite NANOG conversation and (b) don't agree with what they
were trying to do with the DNS space at -LEAST- attempted to
gather momentum by end-user adoption/acceptance.

It doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be "catchy".


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