problem with

dan kelley dkelley at
Mon Nov 19 14:55:49 UTC 2001


i'm in the unfortunate position of being stuck with as
the registrar for a domain.  i've had a bunch of problems with them in the
11+ months that the domain has been parked there, but none as bad as this:
they refuse to transfer my domain to another registrar, have blocked that
transfer consistently over the past 5 months, and i'm running out of time
before the domain registration expires.

dotregistrar appears to be a subsidiary of;  unfortunately
they're about as responsive as dotregistrar - i've called them a bunch of
times, left 2 messages, but never heard anything back.

my question is this:  do i have any recourse to fix this situation, or can
a poorly-run registrar such as this one basically force me to pay them to
renew the domain?  i tried to use ICANN's registrar problems reporting,
but that appears to be unreachable (not sure if this relates to the ICANN
problems discussed earlier).



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