The good old days, or was it (DNS reliablity)

Sean Donelan sean at
Mon Nov 19 06:46:14 UTC 2001

Does anyone have any archives between 1985 and 1991?

We've stumbled a lot to reach where we are.  Of course, one
reason the net survives is parnoid people worry about this stuff.

       1985  DARPA/DCA implements RFC 920, 921 (USC-ISI/SRI-NIC)
15 Mar 1985  Symbolics.COM registered (first DNS name, excluding
             .ARPA transition names)


 1 May 1991  DDN NIC contract transfered from SRI International to GSI
26 Mar 1992  Bogus "." contamination (and many more for
             several years)
 1 Jun 1992  Caching-only name server (BIND) hangs when forwarders
       1993  Slow connections/packet loss to NIC.DDN.MIL result in many
             different distribution problems (also CIX/ANS peering
             battles).  Report consistent 50%+ packet loss to NIC.DDN.MIL
             root name server.
   Apr 1993  NS.INTERNIC.NET added to hints file
             NSI/GSI Internet connection upgraded from 56K to T1
21 Apr 1993  DNS/UDP packet size limit exceeded
31 Aug 1993  Bellovin suggests using pseudo-host to pack server
 3 Apr 1994  AOS.BRL.MIL renamed AOS.ARL.ARMY.MIL (server name mismatch)
19 Apr 1994  Sprint employee registers the domain name MCI.NET (first
 9 May 1994  KAVA.NISC.SRI.COM removed as a root name server
 9 Jun 1994  NS.ISI.EDU added as a root name server
18 Jul 1994  Bogus SOA/NS disrupts networks
28 Aug 1994  Malformed PTR entry in zone disrupts most root
             name servers
 2 Sep 1994  NS.ISC.ORG added as a root name server
 7 Oct 1994  C.NYSER.NET changed to C.PSI.NET
17 Oct 1994  Bogus NS records for COM zone polluting servers
15 Feb 1995  Recursion turned off on the last root name server with it
 4 Aug 1995 introduced into root zone
    changed ip addresses
    uses net 39 experiment address
 1 Sep 1995 changed to (last
13 Sep 1995  Leaked: NSI begins fee-based DNS registration Sep 18 1995
16 Nov 1995 address change at the end of net 39
   May 1996  Guardian announced to protect names and server information
23 Jul 1996 root zone expired, bogus responses
22 Aug 1996  Bind/malformed record problems ".com<tab>com" (believed to be
 8 Nov 1996  Bogus address for (secondary name server for many
             other domains)
22 Jan 1997  root only root name servers J and K added
14 Feb 1997 lost COM zone
28 Feb 1997  root only root name servers L and M added
12 Apr 1997 lost COM zone (again)
19 May 1997 moved to London LINX managed by RIPE/CC
             (first non-US root)
26 Jun 1997 lost COM zone
13 Jul 1997  Alternic corrupts DNS caches redirecting
17 Jul 1997  Error during the generation of COM and NET zones at NSI
             truncates information
22 Aug 1997 moved to Japan managed by WIDE Project
11 Nov 1998  [fjk] giving NXDOMAIN response to queries
             for COM zone lame due to ISP problems
             at NSI
 2 Jul 1999  NSI web site redirected to CORE with glue record
23 Aug 2000  Timing bug causes missing NS records for COM zone on

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