ISP network design of non-authoritative caches

Paul Vixie vixie at
Sun Nov 18 21:14:07 UTC 2001

nanog at ("John Palmer (NANOG Acct)") writes:

> The first thing is to change your root cache file to contain
> ...
> or the PacRoot servers like ...
> So that your customers can see all of the internet and not just what ICANN
> wants you to see.

bzeep.  nonsequitur.  there can only be one root zone.  if you change your
dns configuration to subscribe to something else, then you're off "the internet"
in a technical sense.  (that some root-looking zones incorporate all icann data
past present and future is merely a testament to the fact that "the internet"
means "what the one true official root zone includes", and should not be
indicative of some kind off odd "value subtraction service" by a root-like zone

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