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> This part:
> is really cool.  Do any other backbones support such selective
> prepending to peers?


 701: "too complex to implement" (see NANOG archives)
1239: claims to (soon will find out for certain)
3561: good job!
3356: unofficially
3549: "plans to", but no definite date
4006: yes (comments or URL, Daniel?  how is post-Cogent?  who is
      the current NetRail/Cogent BGP guru?)
6347: definite no, no plans to

I know that I've asked the same question myself many times...
Phil in CW Europe mentioned that they were planning to do what
they have now launched, L3 contacted me off-list, UU is public,
GBLX and SVVS are based on my personal private communications,
and SPRN is secondhand info.

I, too, would love a comprehensive checklist for the biggest two
or three dozen ASNs.  Anyone else who can comment on other ASNs,
or add clarity to what I've posted?


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