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Larson, Matt mlarson at
Thu Nov 15 15:17:16 UTC 2001

Chris Woodfield wrote:
> IIRC, Verisign operates every server,

That's correct: VeriSign Global Registry Services operates the name servers
and ancillary equipment at all 13 com/net/org name server sites, which are
distributed throughout the world.

> Does Verisign use the same hardware and OS on all of these 
> servers, or are the vendors distributed?

We are in the process of diversifying all aspects of the com/net/org name
server constellation: name server software, name server hardware and OS, and
network hardware and OS.  Our goal is to eliminate the possibility of a
single hardware or software defect affecting all the sites.

Matt Larson <mlarson at>
VeriSign Global Registry Services

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