Cisco 7206 Reboot / Bus Error

Gyorfy, Shawn sgyorfy at
Wed Nov 14 14:15:43 UTC 2001

What's up?

One of my routers rebooted yesterday, this is what I got.

System returned to ROM by Bus Error at PC 0x60527D44, address 0xFFFFFFFF

As per Cisco's website Mapping Address page, it states Reserved Memory    
(0x0 5000 0000 - 0x0 FFFF FFFF) [it's a 7206 w/ a NPE].  When I do a 'sh
region' I can't find the correlation.  If I do 'sh tech-support' I find
0xFFFFFFFF at Timers Counters at CT0 but can't go any further. 

Has anyone experienced the above error?  If so, what action did you take?  
The system is up and running fine now, it just rebooted but I would like to
make sure it doesn't happen again.


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