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for some reason the list wasn't cc'd on this informative reply to my earlier
rant.  in case the sender wanted to remain anonymous, i'm stripping headers:

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> Without that argument, there's a clear path to "since your customers have
> no choice, you are not allowed to filter content."  While this probably
> applies to DSL since it's "like telco" and there's already legislation
> about what telcos can't filter because of their old "natural monopoly"
> status,


I don't think it's been tested in the courts, but I think you're sorely
mistaken there as far as ISPs(!; unregulated side) operated by telco's being
able to filter things.  The Telco ISPs typically are on the unregulated
side, including my employer ...

The ILEC typically doesn't operate any public IP devices.  Sure, they could
filter, but presently it just looks like one ATM cell like the next ATM
cell.  And, beyond that, nobody has said anything against ILECs offering
network based filtering services (which would be initiated per customer's
request on devices like the Shasta).

Bottm line is, you presume that the RBOC's ISPs are all regulated, which
they're not.  They're in a huge gray zone to be exact.


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