wireless traffic

Rodney Thayer rodney at tillerman.to
Fri Nov 9 17:45:50 UTC 2001

based on the reply stream so far I guess there aren't really that
many "standards lawyers" here.

IEEE maintains a list of "AUI prefixes".  You can get a copy
various places, I'd start with www.iana.org.  Or, walk around
your organization and your local computer store and write down the
first three bytes on the mac address listed on the box (assuming
they document it on the box)

sure, you can change the mac address.  you can also convert a pringle's
can into a radio antenna.  bfd.  if you are looking for a first-order
approximation don't worry about that.

At 08:49 AM 11/9/2001 -0500, Art Houle wrote:
>Does anybody know where I can locate a list of MAC address prefixes that
>belong specifically to wireless NIC cards?  I am looking for a method of
>discovering what devices on my network are wireless devices.

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