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Andrew Brown twofsonet at graffiti.com
Fri Nov 9 15:44:00 UTC 2001

>> Does anybody know where I can locate a list of MAC address prefixes that
>> belong specifically to wireless NIC cards?  I am looking for a method of
>> discovering what devices on my network are wireless devices.
>Power down the wireless hub and see who calls? ;)
>Seriously though - your wireless hub/transmitter may have a queryable
>arp table that will tell you what's not using the wire....

i've used/seen cards with these prefixes:

 00:e0:29 - smc
 00:02:2d - orinoco/wavelan cards (lucent/agere)

however, there's nothing to stop the vendor from using a given prefix
for wired cards as well.  more to the point, it's relatively trivial
to change the hardware address of the card, so all bets are off (read
as: mac address filtering is useless).

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