DNS Host Handles/Registrations

Jeff Bartig jeffb at doit.wisc.edu
Thu Nov 8 04:37:02 UTC 2001

On Wed, Nov 07, 2001 at 01:49:12PM -0600, measl at mfn.org wrote:
> For example, if I was to just pick an IP at random, build a DNS server on
> it, and try to plug that IP into register.com's screen, it
> (register.com) would refuse to accept it, as it would not be a "known" DNS
> server.  I need the process which *used* to be known as registering a a
> DNS server and obtaining a host "handle" for it.


I've got the opposite problem.  I have a host record.  I can't get
rid of it.  Some wonderful person registered/parked a domain years
ago.  He randomly picked a couple of DNS servers to put in the
domain registration template.  One of those servers happened to
be ours.  This was back before Network Solutions had authentication,
so we were never given a chance to deny the request.

I've been trying off and on for the last two years to get our DNS
server removed from domain record, but I've had no success.  They
keep telling me that the domain owner is the only one that can make
that change.  We no longer run a DNS server on this host, and we want
to delete the host record, so we can change the IP address of the
host without worrying about the glue record that is unnecessarily
stuck in the root servers.  Network Solutions will not allow me to
delete the record while domain records reference it.  I'm stuck.

Any thoughts?


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