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> > It appears that the person who "believed" that NSOL was the central
> > repository for this was correct.  Changes are made at NSOL, and picked up
> > by other resgistrars via whois.
>You can get quirky situations, though, because the NSI registrar division 
>does not update its database of registered name servers from the NSI registry.

And where they're NOT the registrar for the domain a server is in, they 
should NOT be recording or showing any such data. But then NetSol's 
software has always had lots of bugs, and they seem uninterested or unable 
to fix them.

>eg: We have domains, eg something.org, registered with Dotster and then 
>nsX.something.org. We used the Dotster procedures to register name 
>servers, blah blah blah, NSI registry has things fine. When our first user 
>went to NSI registrAR and put nsX.something.org in, then NSI registrar 
>created them in NSI registrar database, and made the contact person 
>whoever our user's domain's technical contact was. (Naturally, this user 
>chose not to specify us as the technical contact, just to make this 
>messier) When we started this, we had two name servers, and then when we 
>added a third one, it found itself in the NSOL registrar database, with 
>yet another different contact person.
>Now, here is where this gets messy: we added more servers, and the one 
>that was ns3 became ns5, and ns3 got a new IP somewhere else. We went to 
>Dotster, told them to make the changes, changes went to NSI registrY just 
>fine. NSI registAR, however, continues to have ns3.something.org with the 
>original IP, so if someone specifies ns5.something.org in an NSI registrar 
>form with that IP, they'll say "That IP is already registered in the 
>database". If we try to use NSI registrAR form for changing DNS server 
>IPs, then that won't work, because either a) NSI doesn't do something.org, 
>which is true, or b) we're not the technical contact for it, which is also 
>true. (BTW, if we try to create the DNS server first with NSI registrar to 
>avoid it going to someone else, then naturally NSI registrar says they 
>don't do something.org and thus to register the DNS server with the 
>appropriate registrar)

The good news, though, is the GTLD name servers actually pick up the 
correct data and run with it.

I also tried to get NetSol to pay attention to this, but in the end gave 
up. I now use this as an example to my clients of why we don't do business 
with Verisign/NetSol.

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