out-of-band network experiences

Michael Chang mchang70 at onebox.com
Mon Nov 5 20:55:24 UTC 2001

Hello All, 
I would appreciate if you could share your experiences of settting up
out-of-band management networks especially large # 50 - 100+ sites. 
Appreciate your experiences on the follwing and any other:

- out-of-band network circuit going thru the same transport equipment
as the managed network
- topology (i.e Frame,ATM,leased circuits etc)
- redundancy in out-of-band network for criticial monitoring ( Dual hub-spoke
for redundancy etc, dial-on-demand with POTS, ISDN, wireless etc)
- hierarchy with regional aggregation for out-of-band networks to reduce
- SLAs for out-of-band monitoring
-static routes versus dynamic protcols (RIP,OSPF, EIGRP)

Michael Chang

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