Randy Bush randy at
Sat Nov 3 22:43:10 UTC 2001

this is getting far more complex than that point warrants.

someone said one should not distribute bgp into igp and igp into bgp.  

i tried a simple example where
  o there are few non-default routes but they are significant
  o there are two routers that have external neighbors, at least one
    of which must be an ebgp speaker and the other may be bgp or default
  o and there is a third router *in the middle* to which a customer is

the point is
  o the router in the middle *must* do dynamic routing, or there will
    be a routing loop
  o for many reasons, it is likely the middle router will be an igp, not
    bgp speaker
  o hence very careful redistribution of ebgp to igp, and of igp to bgp
    is useful


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