Contact for Yahoo postmaster ?

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Thu Nov 1 20:29:16 UTC 2001

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Miquel van Smoorenburg <miquels at> wrote:
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>Miquel van Smoorenburg <miquels at> wrote:
>>Does anyone know who to contact if you've been blacklisted
>>by the Yahoo SMTP servers?
>Right, I've tried postmaster at, abuse at,
>tech-contact at I got an auto-reply from the latter
>two, but that's all.

Summary for the archives:

Thanks to all who responded. Derek Balling who reads
tech-contact at told me how to contact Yahoo:

> +1-408-349-3300, ask for "Yahoo Mail Customer Care" from 9 to 5 PST. (-0800)

He also forwarded my mail to the guy in Y!Mail who handles these
things, and suddenly things started working again ! ;)

I did call Yahoo at the number above a bit later and they told me
that if this happened again I should contact <ip_review at>

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