214/8 and 215/8

Daniel Golding dgolding at sockeye.com
Thu Nov 1 18:02:36 UTC 2001

This space is clearly not justified - there are not, and have never been a
million hosts at Interop. A /16 or so, would be far more appropriate. One
might think that this would be an easy target for ARIN to reclaim, as the
folks involved with the Interop show network, are uniformly clueful and
there are few renumbering burdens.

- Daniel Golding

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> "Christopher A. Woodfield" wrote:
> > In addition to Genuity's three /8s, and the /8s allocated to Apple
> > Computer, HP, Ford, GE, Interop Show Network (who are they?), Boeing,
> Interop is the Networld+Interop conference show network.  It used to be
> simply Interop.  I don't remember what the largest peak count of
> addresses used at any one time have been, but I'm fairly certain that it
> has easily numbered into the thousands for most of the recent U.S. based
> shows.  A team of people build a very sizable, temporary network to
> support each show.  The addresses are used for vendor booths,
> classrooms, attendees and more test/research-oriented areas (e.g. the
> iLabs pavilion).
> Its change a bit since the earlier days, but there are still parts of
> the network that are quite interesting.  If you ever have a chance, its
> worth learning about.
> As long as the show continues in this present form, I think their space
> (45/8) is still justified.  Although it is probably worth questioning
> from time to time.
> John

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